The John Taylor SCITT

If you are a graduate and would prefer to do your training in a school environment, then SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) is for you

In July 2014 John Taylor High School was accredited as a centre for School Centred Initial Teacher Training and we are excited about building upon our already successful School Direct programme which we deliver in partnership with local universities. 

Trainees on our School Direct SCITT programmes will not only have the benefit of extensive practical experience within our partnership of schools, but will also have the advantage of a professional studies programme and a subject knowledge for teaching programme  delivered by outstanding practitioners from our alliance.

The School Experience

Trainees will spend the first term in their home school, observing, team teaching and developing themselves as a teacher  with whole class  teaching, followed by a second placement in a contrasting setting where they can build on and refine their skills. Before returning to their home school to complete the year, trainees will also be expected to undertake enhanced placement opportunities and gain experience  in a special school, a pupils referral unit and a primary school. We feel it important that you have as broad an experience as possible and have an understanding of the whole educational journey of a child.  

The Professional Studies Programme

Throughout the year one day a week will be a designated training day and trainees will come together (normally at John Taylor High School ) to receive training on topics such as Behaviour Management, Planning, Assessment for Learning, Differentiation , Barriers to Learning, Questioning, Special Educational Needs , Assessment and Parental Engagement. We aim to make the sessions interactive  and encourage trainees  to  prepare for sessions by researching and reading the work of educational theorists and linking it to their own practice. Throughout the course their will be an emphasis on trainees developing themselves as truly reflective practitioners.

Subject Knowledge for Teaching

Throughout the year trainees will have sessions where they work in their own subject area with a subject development leader, looking at  schemes of work  and subject specific topics and how best these can be taught. This programme will be integrated with the professional studies programme and give trainees practical strategies and ideas for teaching as well as identifying the pitfalls and common misconceptions made by students. These sessions will take the form of small group tutorials ( 1: 5) and so can be tailored very much to the requirements of the trainee. 

QTS + 60 Masters Level credits

On completion of our SCITT programme trainees will be awarded QTS and  be accredited with a Post Graduate Certificate with 60 Masters Level Credits. The Masters Level credits will form stage 1 of a Masters in Teaching and Learning Programme. The credits are fully portable  and can be built on in subsequent years should trainees wish to study for and achieve a full Masters level qualification.

Courses on offer with the John Taylor SCITT for 2018

Secondary English (salaried and tuition fee),  Maths (salaried and tuition fee)

Chemistry, Biology and Physics

Geography and History

Physical Education

Art & Design and Design & Technology

General Primary 5-11


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