Aspirant Heads' Programme

Working alongside a serving Headteacher who will, through coaching and other opportunities, assist participants in their understanding of headship, gaining a suitable position in a school of their own, and establishing themselves once in post.
Through role shadowing, coaching, learning and reflection opportunities, participants will:
  • Understand the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of Headteachers – what they do, how, and why.
  • Place their own experience, vision, and values into the context of headship – what schools they want to lead, and why.
  • Prepare for the recruitment process to maximise their opportunity to be successful – from seeking suitable positions, through the application, and interview stages.
  • Learn from serving Headteachers about establishing themselves in their new role – with practical advice on making the right start, and the right impression.
This is a bespoke programme. To find out more about the programme and pricing please contact Claire MacDonald on 01283 881079 or email