Embedding Outstanding Teaching Programme

This programme is designed to give individual Teachers time and space to reflect on their practice, revisit and embed their pedagogical awareness. Not only to secure consistently outstanding practise in their own classroom but to enable them to mentor  others. The programme is structured over 7 weeks and is a combination of face to face training and classroom observations. 

Cohort 1
Wed 04.01.17 Challenge and Engagement
Wed 11.01.17 Classroom Talk
Wed 18.01.17 Assessment for Learning
Wed 25.01.17 Questioning
Wed 01.02.17 Differentiation
Flexible Triads
Wed 15.02.17 Plenary
Cohort 2
Wed 07.06.17 Challenge and Engagement
Mon 12.06.17 Classroom Talk
Wed 21.06.17 Assessment for Learning
Mon 26.06.17 Questioning
Wed 05.07.17 Differentiation
Flexible Triads
Mon 17.07.17 Plenary
Venue: John Taylor High School
Time: 08:45  - 12:15 
Price: £500 (£450 for alliance members)
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