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School Direct Trainee Blog - Entry 2

Cups of tea consumed: 2, completed weeks on placement: 3, sleeps until half term: 18

Tuesday 4th October. 19:20

These last few weeks have gone by so quickly and I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of the training so far! It’s both strange and great working alongside the teachers who taught me when I was once a pupil! 

Last week I started Phase 1 by just teaching starter activities to two of the classes which I will eventually teach fully. With the Year 8 class they did an activity called ‘Helium Stick’. This is when 10 pupils stand in two lines facing opposite each other and have a beanpole resting on their hands. The aim of the activity is to work together to lower the beanpole to the floor - it sounds surprisingly easy, doesn’t it?! Well, one half of the class eventually managed, after persistently shouting ‘LOWER!’ at each other. The other half, well, they didn’t manage it (which actually helped the task be a success). We linked it nicely to the theme of ‘conflict’ and they contributed some great ideas around camaraderie and life in the trenches. Overall, it was a great ice-breaking task which was fun too and nobody lost an eye!

I completed one of my pupil pursuits today and it was enlightening to see how differing surroundings and seating plans can influence the level of engagement in a class. Having completed this has reinforced the importance of a successful seating plan as well as managing low-level disruption.

I’ve started to get involved in a few extra-curricular activities at my home school. I’m helping to coach the all-years netball session after school which is great (and it has made me realise that my refereeing knowledge is a little bit rusty). I’m also going to be helping out with the School Production ‘Our House’. It is extra time onto the school day but I find it really beneficial to be in the school environment whilst getting to know the other members of staff and pupils. Plus, it doesn’t feel like doing extra when it’s something that I enjoy!

I think that our SCITT trainee social media groups are beneficial for us all to have peace of mind and check any queries with each other - as well as necessary reminders.

So far, so good!

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