CPD Training Overview

Our Teaching School ethos; Learn, Teach, Grow, Share has very much guided and shaped our programme: 
LEARN: We are life-long learners, always striving to enhance our learning, understanding of how children learn and how we can overcome barriers to learning.
TEACH: As life long learners we are continuously developing and refining our practice and pedagogy, drawing on evidence based teaching and action research to enhance our own practice. 
GROW: As a Teaching School part of our remit is to grow leaders and our programme reflects this. Our offer supports staff at all stages of their professional development, from ITT, NQT and NQT+1, through to Middle Leadership and Aspirant Heads. All our programmes are linked to our Framework for Career Development which can be found on page 4.
SHARE: We fundamentally believe in a school led system of school improvement and want to share the outstanding practice that we have in our Alliance with all schools in the local area. 
Our CPD offer this year reflects the true spirit of collaboration across our partner schools. Teachers have worked together to design some excellent innovative programmes, many of which are sustained over time so that teachers have the opportunity between sessions to refine ideas and embed different approaches. Research and evidence has proven that such programmes are much more likely to have a lasting impact on pupil outcomes.
We believe that there is something for everyone in our professional development programme to support inspirational teaching and leadership and hope that we have the opportunity of welcoming you to the National Forest Teaching School. 

CLICK HERE to view the full CPD Programme for 2017/18 in pdf or email c.macdonald@jths.co.uk to request a hard copy of the brochure.

To enquire about any of our CPD sessions please email Claire MacDonald at c.macdonald@jths.co.uk.