Recent Projects

Primary Humanities Project

In early 2014, the NFTSA received funding to assist local primary schools in responding to the changes within the national primary curriculum.

The project was led by Diane Swift from Keele University, together with Paul Lovern from the St Mary’s and Richard Crosse Federation. A core group of eight teachers from the following schools worked together to plan the project and provide resources for local primaries to use:

The St Mary’s and Richard Crosse Federation

  • Keele University
  • John Taylor High School
  • The Mosley Academy
  • Thomas Russell Junior School
  • The de Ferrers Academy
  • All Saints Primary, Rangemore
  • Thomas Russell Infants’ School

Two events were held at the National Memorial Curriculum; Leszek Iwaskow, HMI for Geography visited on Wednesday 5th March to deliver a presentation on the changes to the national curriculum and held a questions and answers session with local primaries. Another event was held on Tuesday 20th May, also at the National Memorial Arboretum where Mike Maddison, HMI for History led a very similar event with a History focus.

Feedback from both of these events was fantastic, and over 75 Staffordshire primary schools benefitted from attending.

'This looks brilliant’ – Graham Goldup, Chair of the Geography Expert Advisory Group

‘Many thanks for the lovely acknowledgment to the NMA’. – Neil Hoare, Events Manager

Some good and relevant ideas here – pass on my best wishes to all those hardworking teachers and students who produced this’ Leszek Iwaskow, Her Majesty's Inspector, National Lead for Geography

This is a good contribution to our policy priorities debate’ Professor Robin Alexander.

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