Local Leaders of Education

Steve Allen

It has been my good fortune to have taught in seven large schools and academies across the Midlands for the past thirty years. I have had the fantastic honour to be the Headteacher/Principal of three schools/academies –Woodway Park, Grace Academy and now The De Ferrers Academy. My mantra in education is a very simple one ‘…to make a difference and to ensure every child reaches their true potential (sometimes whether they want to or not). The key to a successful educational experience is simple – outstanding learning and teaching. I am delighted now to be part of our new Teaching Alliance. Working in partnership I know we will make an even greater difference !

Trudy Pyatt

As a serving headteacher I know that the support of those who really understand the challenges that education provides, is the best in raising standards for everyone. 
I believe that the education a setting offers, needs to be of a highest possible standard and if I would not want my own child to be educated in that setting; then I believe it is not good enough for anyone else’s child. That’s why I work as an LLE and a Professional Partner, supporting colleagues in a variety of circumstances and at different stages in their professional life.
For the last two years I have had the privilege of being the Chair of the Staffordshire Primary Heads Forum. This has provided me with a wealth of opportunities to work at county level and to have an input in shaping the future of education locally. The National Forest Teaching School Alliance forms an integral part of that future and I am proud to be a partner in the alliance.

Paul Lovern

The St. Mary’s and Richard Crosse Federation comprises of two small church of England Aided Primary Schools serving the villages of Colton and Kings Bromley. The schools were joined in September 2007 and formally federated in September 2010. Both schools enjoy good reputations in the local area and the children are at the heart of what we do. Our Curriculum is constantly evolving to ensure that it is fit for purpose in the 2ist century. We operate both single and mixed age classes and endeavour to support and enrich the childrens’ learning with real and relevant experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Our staff are committed to raising standards and working with colleagues in other schools. We operate an ‘Open Door Policy’ for parents and educational professionals and look forward to welcoming you to our schools.